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Product Description

Endovan 30-Day Supply (60ct bottle)

Endovan’s unique formulation is designed to naturally boost your body’s ability to target and degrade excess fibrin. This abnormal fibrin is the primary cause of adverse symptoms in women with fibroids, ovarian cysts, endometriosis, and fibrocystic disease.

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  1. Endovan has changed my life 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 6th Feb 2020

    I was diagnosed and had my first laparoscopy back in July 2019, turns out I had endometriosis stage 3. I thought the surgery would help, but I was still feeling a lot of pain. After much research I came across a few videos on youtube and lots of amazing comments about Endovan.

    I started my first bottle in November. First 2 weeks was really challenging, my bloating was a little out of control, but I reached out to the customer service team who were extremely helpful and lovely, and they told me that can be normal in the beginning and that put my mind at ease.

    Week 3 bloating went away and I was barely feeling any pain. I used to suffer from severe daily pain, pretty much 24/7, and suddenly 3 weeks in I started to being able to go through days without any pain.

    Month 2 was even better, I was finally myself again. I'm now on my third bottle and apart from period pain, I don't feel any more pain. It's honestly a miracle.

    Endovan has changed my life, its totally worth it. THANKS ENDOVAN for helping so many of us who are battling daily pain. I appreciate it.

  2. I Had Tried Eveything Else 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 15th Jan 2020

    I was looking around on YouTube for other women that have been diagnosed with Endometriosis and found numerous women had changed their diet to a noninflammatory one and they also coupled that with Endovan. I was tired of my only options being what the doctors had recommended of birth control or putting my body into menopause. I had been diagnosed in July 2013 and had my second surgery October 2013. I have two children and was tired of being laid up on the couch for 2-3 weeks out of the month and not being able to be the mother that I wanted to be for them. This product took about two cycles. During those two cycles it felt like my body was getting rid of years of excess. I've been taking Endovan since March 2018 and I am a new woman. This really has saved my life and my relationship with my husband and my children. This product really is a miracle!

  3. Endovan saved me 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 12th Dec 2019

    So I tried my first bottle last year in April 2018. I was skeptical because reviews were very positive. But I was at a point where I had to stop the birth control I was on. I was diagnosed in 2015. They thought I had cancer. Thankfully I didn't but I had stage 4 endo, which explained a lot of what i was going through. I had a second surgery a year and a half later. Regardless of what I tried for meds my cysts kept coming back and they were quite good size and very painful. I was giving up. My marriage was falling apart because we wanted to be parents and were devastated being told our chances of conceiving were slim to none. Especially having a completely blocked ovary. I finally decided enough was enough, what more did I have to lose by trying Endovan. Let me tell you it was a Godsend! Within 2 months my pain decreased and my periods were better and more tolerable and by June I was pregnant! I have a beautiful 9 month old and all I can say is im so blessed I found Endovan. I'm beyond grateful.

  4. An Answered Prayer 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 28th Oct 2019

    12 years ago, after having an ovarian cyst removed, I was diagnosed with severe endometriosis. Every other cycle was extremely painful! So bad I would have to miss work during my period. The doctor wanted to prescribe medicine that would suppress my hormones in order to control the endo but the side effects seemed unsafe so I prayed fervently for a natural solution.

    I immediately started my internet search & knew it was God who lead me to Endovan. The reviews were too good to be true but what did I have to lose?! As I ordered my 1st bottle & began taking the pills as instructed, my pain started to subside. I was completely pain free within 3 months, not to mention my periods were lighter than before. I knew then this is how my cycles are supposed to be. I actually looked forward to having a period lol & still take it regularly to stay endo free.

    I'm so very blessed I found Endovan, it has truly been wonderful to me over the years. Thank you for such an amazing product!!

  5. This is your answer. 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 5th Aug 2019

    I am almost at the end of my first bottle of Endovan. I have suffered with Endometriosis for years, lost an ovary due to an aggressive Endometrioma, and have had 5 laproscopic surgeries to remove Endo and scar tissue. When I found this product I was desperate, and on the verge of having my doctor give me a hysterectomy because the pain had gotten so bad (I'm only 32). After a few days of taking Endovan I saw some relief, but I was skeptical because it was the beginning of a new cycle and typically the pain eases off for a week or two before it because excruciating. I would call it my "two weeks of terror" because the week before and of my period, I was miserable. During this time I would be bloated, my body ached especially my legs and lower back, nauseated to the point I could barely hold my head up, headaches, and extreme fatigue. Since starting Endovan these symptoms have DRASTICALLY decreased. Before I could tell when my period was coming just by the way I felt. This month, granted it was a few days earlier than usual, I woke up and was shocked when I started because I had 0 pain and NO bloating. And for me to say I didn't know it was coming is just mind blowing after suffering for so long. I just ordered my second bottle and I'll never stop taking this produce. It has been a God send that has given me my life back. If you are questioning trying this product, do yourself a favor and spend the $60, you will not be dissappointed.

  6. Can’t live without this! THANK YOU! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 3rd Aug 2019

    5 years ago was the hardest summer of my 42 years. My 18 yo daughter was debilitated from severe endometriosis and PCOS; we had done everything modern medicine recommended, including chemotherapy, and she was facing the choice between a hysterectomy or her being put prematurely into menopause. It was awful and a dark time for us both. I read the books, scoured the internet and even made a hysterical mom call to this company. 5 years later and 2 daughters in (genetics pre-disposed to hormonal imbalance) Endovan is on both my daughters “must have supplements” list for controlling their endo/PCOS and having the best quality lives possible! We are forever grateful for Endovan!

  7. Definitely seeing results 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 30th Jul 2019

    I have been diagnosed with endometriosis in 2016 (but probably been suffering from in since 1996, since that was the first report of a doctors visit for abnormal pain during periods) and the recommendation was to remove the uterus and the gyneacologist who did the laparoscopy and laser treatment said it was in very bad shape. I discovered Endovan through a friend in spring 2018. It has been a bit of a journey but I can say that my periods have improved dramatically. I was completely bedridden for 3 days during every period and even the maximum amount of pain killers would not be be enough to keep the pain bearable. Now, I am up and can even leave the house a little and the pain is manageable with half the amount of painkillers that I used to take. I have been taking Endovan a little over a year now and will continue to take it and hope it will further reduce the symptoms.

  8. Endovan has eliminated my fibroids for over ten years 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 7th Jul 2019

    I have used Endovan for many years now, and I keep trying to spread the word. This product has consistently eliminated my fibroids. And I have read many reviews from others over the years that it helped them with endometriosis, to the point where they did not need a scheduled operation. This was the case with me and my fibroids.

    What brought me to Endovan over ten years ago was this: I had an operation over fifteen years ago to remove fibroid tumors on my ovaries and uterus. Then several years later, the fibroids grew back.

    My doctor had told me that an operation was the ONLY way to get rid of fibroid tumors. For that operation fifteen years ago, he also wanted to remove my uterus during the operation, since I "really didn't need it anymore" due to my age (late 40s?), and that he said the fibroids usually grow back.

    I insisted on keeping my uterus - to me it was a part of my womanhood, and I believe removal creates other issues, such as potential weight gain, and immediately going into menopause. I wouldn't think of any other woman as less of a woman if her uterus is removed, and you can't tell from the outside anyway. But to remove a uterus when it's not necessary doesn't make sense to me.

    I had the operation, the major nausea and pain afterward, and weeks of recovery to be able to get back to running. It’s over fifteen years later now, and I'm now 65 and still have the 8-inch scar and am still numb and itchy in that area. And I have a "flap" of skin that bulges out above the scar - on my once-flat belly.

    When the fibroids came back, several years after my one fibroid operation, I frantically searched for a natural way to eliminate them. So many chatrooms indicated Endovan helped others with fibroids and endometriosis - and they cancelled operations. I could not find one negative review or statement that it didn't work for them; this was unusual, and it still is.

    When I consulted with my doctor, he said there is no way Endovan could possibly work - that my body would simply tear apart the ingredients of the pills. He suggested "before and after" ultrasounds when I insisted, to prove it to me. He was very surprised, and almost confused when the ultrasounds showed that it worked.

    To this day when I get that pinching and pain, I start up the Endovan and am relieved, although I really shouldn’t stop, and maybe take one a day, since there are no bad side effects. The reason I stopped and started over the past five years or so was that I, once again, believed something else my doctor said back then:

    My doctor had also said that once I went into menopause, I wouldn't get fibroids anymore, or they would just go away on their own - and said maybe that's what had really eliminated the fibroids, and not the Endovan. Wrong again, and I proved it to myself this week.

    I was thinking that maybe as I continue into menopause (starting around age 56 - through age 65 now), that maybe the fibroid formation really would diminish or just go away over time. So, for the past five or so years, I would just wait until I got the fibroids and hurry up and order. BUT, I thought maybe I just wasn’t giving my body enough time to eliminate them - so this time I waited, and waited - for many weeks. Big mistake.

    Last week I was in so much pain, it was shooting down my leg and across my back - and I winced went I bent over, and had a hard time sleeping - waking up bent over like the “old lady” I am. I do not like feeling my age, thank you. I never did until these past few weeks.

    Once I was at this painful point, and starting to freak out that maybe it was cancer, I ordered the Endovan. So, I am concluding that the "experts" and contemporary medicine once again didn't know what they're talking about.

    Today, I'm sitting here in tears, since after just a 2-3 days of Endovan, the pain is subsiding. This is what I've gotten used to with Endovan over the years. I was going to wait to post this review, but I wanted to write while I'm experiencing this joy of initial relief.

    As an aside, I had found on chatrooms, way back when that, since the ingredient in Endovan that dissolves the bad tissue of fibroids is an enzyme, and all our bodies' enzymes use CoQ10 - that taking 100mg of CoQ10 every other day seems to boost how quickly I get relief. I could be wrong, but I'm not stopping now, after all these years of fast relief.

    I trust the Endovan product because their support people are very knowledgeable - and I highly recommend getting in touch with them if you have questions or if there may be some tweaks to the treatment that may help you in your personal situation.

    I also trust Endovan because this is not just some cheap product from China. Nutritional supplements and natural treatments can be so variable, when it comes to the ingredients selected, how the ingredients are processed and where sourced - as well as the entire staff of the organization.

    For example, as a botanist myself, I know how various species of plants can look similar but react very differently in our bodies. This is why black cohosh has been accused of destroying kidneys. There are different varieties of black cohosh and completely different species that are identical.

    I also read an article a few years back about a study done, investigating various nutritional supplements and companies/corporations -and how we are misled and exposed to health dangers by people and organizations who just want our money.

    I like that this company truly cares and continues to improve their products. I like that it contains 250% of Vitamin D minimum daily requirement - and we are all likely deficient in this vital nutrient. I like that it also contains 250% MDR of Vitamin B6, since although I'm not vegetarian, I've cut down on meat - and vegetarians can be deficient in B6. And I like that I can trust that the ingredients are of the highest quality.

    I mostly like that it works. Thank you, Gerry and everyone at your organization, for all of us that you have helped.

  9. It works 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 11th Jun 2019

    I am so grateful for Endovan. I was diagnosed with fibroids April 2018. I drove myself to emergency because I was having trouble breathing. I took a blood test and my blood levels were 3.2. I received a blood transfusion ( 5 units) and stayed in the hospital for 3 days. My doctor put me on birth control pills and iron pills. On October 29, 2018. I had another episode where I couldn't stop bleeding. That morning my sister called 911 because there was blood all over the room. Another hospital stay of 3 days and 3 units of blood. That was it for me. I am going to get rid of these fibroids without surgery. I asked God to send the best natural way to rid my body of these fibroids. I discovered Endovan days later. After a week my fibroids felt smaller and softer. After 2 weeks the bleeding was way less than what I had expected. I just ordered my second bottle. I am praying my cycle returns to its natural state soon. Thank you Endovan

  10. It's a marathon not a sprint 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 21st Mar 2019

    Fibrocystic breasts run in my family and I have had Endometriosis for 13 years (endometrium growing on the ovaries, in my case). I have been on several different birth controls, including Depo-Provera. After three pregnancy losses, my hormones changed and I could not go back to taking birth control without having major water retention issues (swelling in my abdomen, face, and ankles). After being off of the pill for a few months, I was becoming very constipated (taking two laxative pills a day) and experienced sharp pain during ovulation and sex. So I scheduled an ultrasound. It showed that my ovaries had adhered to my bowel (causing my constipation/pain). The tech said that only happens if you have had Endo for a VERY long time. So, I concluded that all of that medication that I had taken didn't actually correct my Endo. It had just masked the symptoms. Fed up, I found Endovan on a random Google search.

    I have been taking Endovan for four months now, and I took notes. Bottles 1-3 had some good and some bad. Bottle #1: by the time I finished it, I was completely off the laxative pills, but I was also so bloated during my first period that I couldn't button my pants and had to loosen my bra. Bottle #2: less bloating and no pain during sex, but very moody. Bottle #3: painless ovulation, only some pressure, but very fatigued. Bottle #4: All good. Cycles beginning to extend to a normal length (used to be 24 days, now 28), I am finally able to lose weight, and I am retaining minimal water.

    Synopsis: It will take a while, but it seems to actually fix the problem.

    This video is also helpful if you want more info (be prepared to fast forward through the personal bits): She suggests that you can lower your dose after being on it for six months to one pill a day. That way you are saving money, but you don't relapse. I'm going to start the process of reducing the number of pills I take soon. I doubt I will ever go off of Endovan completely. When you've had an issue for 13 years, you know it's here to stay.

    Good luck to you all.

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Endovan is in stock will continue
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