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How Endovan works in fibroids

Learn how Endovan works to boost the body's ability to break down excess fibrin in women with common fibrin-based uterine fibroids.

1 Some women produce excess fibrin

Fibrin is a fibrous protein involved in the clotting of blood and in protecting tissues identified by inflammation. In women who produce excess fibrin it can accumulate in and around the uterus in the form of fibrous masses known as fibroids.

2 Fibroids are formed from excess fibrin

Common fibrin-based fibroids can be large or small and may appear singularly or in groups. These fibroids can cause pain or discomfort and are difficult for the body to break down.

3 Fibrin & adhesions are targeted for degradation

Plasmin, the enzyme we produce to break down fibrin accumulations, is sent to the affected site but it is not always powerful enough on its own to resolve the problem.

4 Endovan helps your body break down fibrin & adhesions

Endovan increases the fibrinolytic activity (fibrin-degrading) in the blood by encouraging increased plasmin production as well as by mimicking the function of plasmin.

With a more robust plasmin response, the body is better able to break down accumulated fibrin allowing the immune system to clean up the site and direct the debris to be processed as waste.

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