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What to Expect

Results will depend on the severity of your symptoms but most women notice improvement in the first one to two months with continued progress in subsequent months.

Within the first one to two months:

During this time, you should start to notice an easing of the more prominent symptoms as your body begins to break down the abnormal fibrin.

  • less swollen/bloated abdomen
  • lighter bleeding and less painful periods
  • fewer blood clots during menses
  • declining fatigue
  • less frequent urination
  • reduced spotting between periods
  • diminishing pelvic pressure
  • reduced back pain
  • less pain during intercourse

What to watch for:

As your body degrades abnormal fibrin it is processed by the body as waste and is naturally expelled in the urine and with the normal menstrual flow. During this time you might notice a slight darkening of your urine and a more watery flow during your first cycle or two. You may also notice a slight increase in swelling or firmness in the affected area(s). This is normal and and will resolve as your body works to rid your system of the excess fibrin.

Important: While successful for the majority of users, not all women respond to Endovan.
If after 60 days you haven't realized any of the benefits described above, please return your order for a full refund and schedule a visit with your doctor to discuss medical/surgical treatment options.

With continued use:

As your system continues to degrade the excess fibrin deposits you should see continued improvement. Remember that your condition developed over the course of years and it will take time to feel like you're completely back to normal.

After all symptoms have resolved:

If you're body is prone to making excess fibrin then the unfortunate reality is that it may need ongoing management. Some women take Endovan for a few months at a time as symptoms occur and some women stay on it continually to stay ahead of the problem.

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